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MeFirst, one of the top SEO company in India, analyzes the current traffic of your web site and develops a strategy that helps you get a higher search engine ranking. This helps to drive major targeted traffic to your website for better sales.

Search Engine Optimization is not just to rank your web site in search engines, but it is to achieve a good Click Through Rate from the targeted visitors. This way, your web site will get listed first in the search results of all major search engines.

Depending on the product and nature of the site, our Online Marketing Division comes up with the best marketing campaign to drive more quality traffic to your web site.



Using Google Analytics alone for information on the effect of the campaigns can create a distorted and incorrect picture of what really is taking place. The landing pages will be improved by MeFirst SEO and the traffic is measured with a professional analytics tool to get the accurate result of the running campaign.


Online Marketing strategies that we use depend very much on the budget, the type of industry your site is operating and how strong & active the competition is.


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